Silent Subversion

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Gerald and Taylor meet at Burgerville in Portland.

A recent college graduate, Taylor Ewell, invents a powerful new technology with the potential to revolutionize the world. After her initial excitement, the horrible implications become apparent. The dangerous creatures behind the military and scientific establishment would fight any attempt to release the new tech to the public. Even with the menacing implications and danger to herself, Taylor decides the benefits are still worth the risks. For advice, she contacts her old friend from college, a lawyer named Gerald Fuger. Together, they secretly begin recruiting a specialized team to help develop and introduce her new technology.

But after getting to work, unforeseen circumstances thrust them from the familiar world, into a place more amazing and horrific than any of them knew existed. Not only must they dodge imprisonment, they must also counter the interference of a mysterious entity. This unknown influence leads them to Freddy, a young man with valuable connections but haunted by strange visions.



I became friends with an artist in Portland (Kiel Parsons), and commissioned him to create some illustrations for me. They are published on the Anxiety Publishing website. Please check them out if you’re interested. I love art and enjoyed working with Kiel and experiencing his creative process. Stories and their visual representations combine to make the virtual experience more fulfilling and real.

Some illustrations are shown below and take place early in the series. More description can be found at the above link. Enjoy! If you read the books, please consider writing a review on whatever platform you use and also, let your friends know. Keep reading!

Gerald, Sadi, and Freddy in the barn.

Gerald meets with Ammon in Salt Lake City.

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