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When Taylor Ewell invents a revolutionary propulsion system, her excitement quickly transforms into a crippling paranoia. Would someone try to stop her? So she contacts an old friend from college for advice, a talented and notorious lawyer. While they secretly recruit a team to develop the new technology, unforeseen circumstances destroy their perception of the world. Not only must they dodge corrupt agents, they also capture the attention of interdimensional creatures of frightening intelligence.
Their situation becomes even more complex after meeting Freddy Carlson, a young man with valuable connections but haunted by strange visions. When an insurmountable nightmare confronts a member of the group, Freddy acquires seemingly supernatural assistance to intervene. But his new talents come at a heavy price, and they soon become pawns in the spiritual battle for the state of humanity.
This is the first novel in the Silent Subversion saga.

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There is no rest for the weary. Freddy and Sadi discover that their ordeal with the kidnappers was just the beginning of their troubles and might even be the catalyst to steer the whole group in a new direction. While Taylor and Cesar scramble to finish their covert projects, their friends must flee their former lives just to survive. Despite the dangers, Gerald attempts to keep the group as a cohesive unit and in positive spirits.
Behind all of their efforts, the mysterious entity keeps its real intentions and ultimate objectives a secret. Not even Freddy knows if it’s a friend or how it’s related to their new technology. He only knows that it seems to want him. When some other members of the group feel the horrible effects of its interference, will Freddy’s new abilities be sufficient to save them?

Short Stories

Written before my books.

Last short story before novels.
From my early 20’s

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