Wake Up Kane — short story

The story of a man named Thomas Kane, who corporeally awakens in the forest, outside some obscure Russian city. He has no memory of his identity or location, and his health seems to be deteriorating along with his sanity. When Thomas finally discovers his real situation, he’s completely shocked and has to solve the mystery of how to regain his metaphysical state, his life, and his purpose. Read it online here or click on the image at the left.

If I remember correctly, I wrote this story in my early 20’s and submitted it to a single magazine for publication. Unfortunately, it was rejected. Of course I was disappointed, but at that time I didn’t feel the need to pursue publication and self-promotion any further. I liked writing way more than spending the necessary promotional time, so I decided just to write other stories, hoping to improve my writing.

As the reader will discover if they’ve read my books, my writing has improved since this story. I think, however, that the plot and action will override any lack of writing quality. You can also download the epub file to read on your phone or e-reader.

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  1. Diane Knedgen

    Love the cover. I will be dropping by to meet Miss Virginia, read your short stories, and look into everything else. There’s quite a lot here and I don’t want to rush.

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