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Welcome to my life

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The following tabs contain what I’m willing to share about my personal life, what I think may benefit others. Everyone should share their life lessons.

  • The Blendering of Aries
    My daughter suggested that I use my astrological sign in the header of my website.


  • My Journey
    Some of the major influences in my life and how they’ve helped wake me up to the real world.


  • My life lessons
    The major lessons I’ve learned in this life. I will update this for any new items.


  • Miss Virginia
    Virginia is an elderly lady who would always walk by our house. Here’s a video of her life story.


  • My Bonversation
    One of the celebrities of the conspiracy/truther world goes by the name of John le Bon. He wanted to have me as a guest on his podcast.


  • My Jury Duty
    In June of 2021, I was called to jury duty. This crazy and incredible experience left me dumbfounded by our justice system.


Nothing to see here…except

Entertainment recommendations

Not only can entertainment potentially improve our psychological state, but it promotes creativity and makes the world more beautiful and exciting. Cycle through entertainment categories! I like to switch between literature, music, and visual. This page is devoted to what I’ve found worthwhile, most importantly visual and literary forms of entertainment.


Here are many of my favorite books. Lately, I’ve been trying to support independent authors more than the “Best Sellers” or what the SIN (the Network) wants me to read. Sorry to say, I’ve had more difficulty liking books by independent authors, but they’re far more worthwhile IMHO.

VideoMovies 2CNo CComedy

Movies, serial shows, and other videos can provide needed variety to life, but they can also make us lazy, especially since there’s a whole world to experience. I’m including in these tabs some of my favorites and my most hated. If life entices you away from your favorite books, try some of my recommendations.

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