My Journey

Everyone goes through stages in their lives, ways we view the universe and our environment. We base our actions and priorities on our views, past experience, health, our relationship experiences. Our views help us cope with life’s challenges until they are no longer viewed as a challenge. When this happens, the universe will present us with a new challenge. When I look back on my life, sometimes a prior version of myself seems like a totally different person. For all I know, I was a different person or a different creature. But, maybe we are just a lump of clay and our lives reshape that lump.

In chronological order, below are some of the major influences in my life and how they’ve helped wake me up to the real world. Not included in the list are the people who have shaped my character: my family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, antagonists, and whatever designed our physical bodies.

Ross Perot

Ross Perot, Bill Clinton, and George Bush during the 1992 presidential debates.

When I was able to vote for the first time, Ross Perot was running for the presidency. His energetic and popular campaign appealed to my belief that the government was not working for the people. At Salt Lake Community college, where I was a student, I remember seeing other students at some booth handing out his campaign materials. I don’t remember seeing anyone campaigning for the Republicans or Democrats. I remember during the debates, Bill and George gave standard politician responses, and Ross Perot gave real responses. I believed the story about his independence from the establishment.

At that time I did not know anything about controlled opposition or actors playing the role of politicians while people out of the media spotlight wrote policy. I call the people who write policy the Super Insidious Network (SIN) the people who think they are in control of the human society. I don’t claim to know who they are, and I don’t need to know. They’re just minions of a higher intelligence.

I remember noticing how the media purposefully made Ross Perot look ridiculous, a mock contender. On Saturday Night Live, Dana Carvey often portrayed Ross Perot as a silly old man, which was very funny I have to admit. This was the first time I suspected that the media was all working together to shape public opinion, not working to report public opinion.

Howard Zinn

The book, A People’s History of the United States, made me see history quite a bit differently. To be honest, I don’t remember the specifics. I only remember thinking more negatively about the founders of this country, doubting the benevolence of its history. Psychologically, I probably began to have more doubt about public education, which seemed to whitewash American historical figures and blackwash those who opposed them.

Looking back on this now, especially while reading about the book’s publicity in the Wikipedia article, I am convinced that the establishment wanted this book to be read by young people. I think it probably is meant to build a new liberal population, which have been used to divide society. I’m not saying that those who identify as liberals are causing the division, but the establishment is actively promoting both sides of the artificial linear political spectrum. The establishment are using those who identify as conservatives, just the same. It’s the very effective divide and conquer tactic.


Compilation of pictures on Wikipedia

Although this event happened in 2001, I’ve often revisited the topic and didn’t realize its significance until many years later. Whenever I learn anything new about human society, I usually see 9/11 from a new perspective. On that day, I was at the University of Utah in the laboratory of a chemistry professor where I worked as a lab assistant. I remember joining some other people at a television set, watching the news reports.

At that time, I didn’t have any doubts about the veracity of the news agencies. I believed what they showed us, although I do remember wondering why I did not see any wreckage of the planes, and why the buildings came down exactly like controlled demolition. Over the next few months, I became dissatisfied with the official explanation from the MainStream Media (MSM), and I began searching other sources of information. This led me to many different conspiracy theories: space directed energy beams; our government was directly involved with the attacks and blamed the terrorists; Israel was behind it… In the end, I didn’t know what to believe, but I saw plausible evidence for many different explanations. Later I would find a documentary from a man named Simon Shack (see the section on him below). The documentary was called, September Clues, and I highly recommend it, see

At the time of 9/11/2001, I was still a TBM, True Blue Mormon, and believed that there was a God and he was leading the only true religion, the Mormons. This god would not let his church leaders lead his believers astray. With this firmly planted in my mind, since the leaders of the church were not endorsing any alternative theory, other than what the MSM promoted, then it was not really a possibility. But these conspiracy theories did fascinate me. I’ve always liked a good story, so maybe that was a contributing factor. I was also not afraid of social marginalization, which comes from any association with conspiracy theory. After thinking more about it now, I believe that subconsciously I was desperate for an explanation that made more sense.


This internet movie made me depressed. That’s the effect it had on me, and I’m willing to bet money that was why the SIN (Super Insidious Network) commissioned it. After some reconsideration of this, I think the truths presented in the video were cleverly mixed with the lies, and the disturbing audio and visuals compounded the psychological effect. At the time, it was free to watch on the internet, but now they’ve made it only available for purchase.

After watching this video and the later addendum version, I had a very dark and conspiratorial view of the world, which took me many years to discard. I don’t recommend for the average person to watch the movie. You have to have a more advanced understanding of human manipulation to avoid its traps.

Iraq War

Gordon Hinckley, former President of the Mormon Church

My first serious question of the Mormon church came during the Iraq war. The keystone of the Mormon religion is the Book of Mormon (BOM), which they claim is a record of the people in Ancient America who came here from Jerusalem. I spent a large part of my life reading this book and constantly hearing its stories retold in church and at church activities. The BOM clearly states that governments and people should not act as the aggressors and should only act on the defensive. In the BOM, ancient prophets in the Americas condemned the government for their belligerent actions and this even happens in the Bible. Some of these Book of Mormon prophets even lost their lives protesting the actions of the people. So, when the president of the Mormon church failed to condemn the United States military invasion of Iraq (and all other such aggression), President Hinckley even urged us to support it, this contradicted with what they had taught me. This was a big hmm!

Although at this time in my life, I was not ready to break free from my religious programming, I think this issue strengthened my ability to think for myself. At that time, I had moved with my wife and 2 little girls to Oregon, from the Mormon heartland, Utah, which helped me see more of the nonMormon world. There were many other concerns I acquired later about the validity of Mormonism and Christianity. My experience with Fawn Browdie has more information about this.

G. Edward Griffin — The Creature from Jekyll Island

Picture from Wikipedia

This book opened my eyes to the world of finance, the money supply, and US history as it pertains to finance. Not only was the book informative, but the author presented history like a good story that really caught my attention. This was another one of those books that made history fun, not the boring tripe from public school. The book taught me about who controls the money supply. Once I knew that, I knew where to look to find the people who pull the strings of the politicians, the Super Insidious Network (SIN).

After reading this book, I contacted the author a number of times and he connected me with his group, Freedom Force. I joined this group before the Ron Paul campaign (I think). The name sounds super cheesy I know, but at the time I thought he was really on the front lines of the real opposition to evil in this world and I wanted to be a part of it. I became a chapter organizer and found a few others who were like I was. Looking back on this time in my life, I wish I would have stayed with that group for a shorter time. I now think we need to focus more on our own life. It was one of those lessons of life, I suppose.

I recommend the book to anyone who would like to know more about central banks and why the trillionaire families need them to maintain control of the world. This was just another piece of the puzzle of how human society works in this modern age.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul and John McCain, 2008 US Presidential Campaign

When I watched Ron Paul in the presidential debates, I was blown away! At the time, I didn’t know he was just another actor on the world stage, playing a part for suckers like me. But his message was awesome! His Presentation was awesome! Even as a staunch libertarian, I joined the republican party to support him.

I joined a local group of very organized supporters where I lived in Clark County, Washington. We met often and had a lot of fun, and I made some good friends during the process. We had booths at parks and even went to some political event in Seattle where we handed out Ron Paul materials. I went with the group to the County Republican Convention where we got some delegates (I was one) to the State Republican convention. There, we got 2 or 3 delegates for Ron Paul who then went to the national convention. I remember being so excited to watch it on TV and see them declare that Ron Paul had gotten some delegates. When each state reported how many delegates they had for each candidate, I was shocked when the representative for Washington State said that McCain had gotten all our delegates (no mention of any for Ron Paul). From this experience, I learned the following:

  • At the local level, the people involved with the Republican Party want to impress the leadership. These people want notoriety, fame, and will do whatever the party leadership wants.
  • The major political parties are told by the central leadership who to choose for their candidate, and the people at the convention will give the leadership what they want.
    • When the county leadership learned that McCain might not be getting all of the delegates to the state convention, they became visibly irate and did their best to shut us down. It was crazy, all the arguing and manipulation.
Free State Project

from Wikipedia

I probably learned about the Free State Project (FSP) from the Ron Paul campaign, either directly or from someone involved. On their website, they show a picture of Ron Paul endorsing them. Either way, the concept appealed to me and still does, the idea of joining geographically with those of similar views or perceptions of the world.

It’s inescapable, but the views of the majority dictate what type of society an individual finds themselves. No matter what the government is called, democracy, socialist, communist, monarchy, it is only possible due to the most common views of the majority. Individuals with different views often find themselves trapped there and oppressed. Freedom to live in accordance with our own beliefs is only possible if the majority around us believes as we believe.

In Silent Subversion I, my first book, I mentioned the FSP a couple of times. I wanted to give the book some historical perspective and to possibly give the FSP and the concept more exposure. I still think the FSP is a worthy cause, but it is quite hampered by the practical issues of getting enough people to gather there.

Red Pill Meetup Group

I don’t remember when exactly, I’m guessing it was around 2008, but I found this group on They would meet every couple of weeks at different restaurants. The typical gathering would have between 8 and 20 people but not always the same people. We would usually just sit around and talk about current events from alternative points of view, which often opposed the claims of the MainStream Media (MSM). At some point, I stopped meeting with them but started up again a few years later after finishing the first book in Silent Subversion.

Normies, as some of us call the common person, use the term conspiracy theory to describe any view contradicting what is claimed by the MSM. I like to use more accurate language to describe our conversations. We would definitely have plenty of conjecture (theories, hypothesis) about what’s really going on in the world, and who’s doing what. But we also talk about non-theories, such as alternate sources of information, specifically what was not included in the news. Not everything labeled as a conspiracy theory is a theory.

Anyway…although we are a diverse group of people, we have all become good friends and enjoy meeting together. Shown in the picture are just a few of us on a camping trip to St. Helens in 2019. It’s been therapeutic to get away from the majority who just repeat what they hear on the news. No matter what the subject, we’re usually polite and cordial with each other. Rarely does anyone get shut down for having an alternate opinion from the group. Most of us have learned that hardly anything in this world is known definitively. Most things get left on the table, so to speak.

Fawn M. Browdie

A friend of mine from my work, Ben Hensley, suggested this book about the founder of the Mormon religion and I don’t even know why, but I was in a good mental state to read it. I really didn’t know what I would find, but it blew my mind. The author showed how many of the church doctrines were actually just fads of the day, and the LDS church was just riding the wave to capture followers.

She showed how the Mormon church had suppressed many key aspects of church history. For example, I had been taught that Joseph Smith had translated the golden plates (Book of Mormon source) with the use of a breast plate and ancient spectacles. The real story explained how Joseph Smith had put a magic stone inside a hat and then put his face in the hat and the inscription of the plates appeared in his mind. The golden plates didn’t even have to be in the same room. Crazy? Yes…

The church had shown us what they call The First Vision, which was when God and Jesus personally answered Joseph Smith’s prayer in up-state New York. And I had even taught this approved story to nonmembers on my Mormon mission to West Virginia and Virginia when I was 19 to 21 years old. What I didn’t know was that The First Vision had actually gone through several iterations, each one different than the last. It’s pretty ridiculous when I discovered the details. There are many other things I learned in this book, but this was not my only source of information I used to research Mormonism and Christianity. I eventually came to the conclusion (in 2009) that Mormonism was just another belief system based on false information. Breaking free from Mormonism and Christianity was the best decision I’ve ever made.

For more details about my break from religion, see my old blog entry. Little did I know, but the experience of breaking free from these religions helped prepare me to break free from the grasp of other false information. 

Bernard Burchell

Screenshot from

When I found the website, I emailed the owner, Bernard Burchell, with some questions. In my first email on June 9, 2012, I wrote, “I’ve been reading your website, alternative physics. It is so refreshing to read reasonable explanations to complicated physics issues. After racking my brain trying to understand SR/GR, I came across alternative explanations such as yours. Thank you for giving me back my sanity. I have a question about your section on matter energy conversion(measurement)…”

The image at the left is a screenshot from one of my favorite sections of his site. It explains a much more believable explanation to relativistic mass than what was taught in my college physics courses. Click on the image to see it more clearly, or just go to his site page. For anyone who loves science, Bernard’s site is a pleasure to read. He has many great simulations and visuals to explain complicated subjects.

My novels in the Silent Subversion trilogy benefited greatly from Bernard’s efforts. I got my idea for one of the central elements of the story, the propulsion system that Taylor Ewell invented and what sent them on their adventure. What most people probably will never guess is that the idea is based on valid physics principles, see his site page about it.

Donald E. Scott — Electric Universe — Thunderbolts Project

I read this book (at right) sometime before Saturday, Jul 07, 2012 10:05 am. That’s when I asked my first question on the Thunderbolts community forum, (a related group). This book is one of the few books I’d consider reading more than once. I rarely read any book more than once, mainly because there are so many books on my to read list. Astronomy has always been one of my favorite subjects. In this book, and the Electric Universe movement in general, they show how the scientific establishment has basically ignored electric forces when attempting to explain astronomy. By using the vastly stronger electric and magnetic forces, they have provided improved explanations of observable phenomena.

In my opinion, the Electric Universe movement was kind of hijacked by the Thunderbolts Project. If this was in a nefarious or grass roots way I don’t know, but their website maintains a page of links to other related websites. The Thunderbolts Project relies too heavily on data from mainstream sources such as NASA, which I distrust. But their yearly conferences look fun and I’ve enjoyed my interaction with the other members on the forums. My user name there is hyrumpoint0. I rarely comment but plan to become more active one day, when I have more time.

This has been yet another eye-opening experience. Primarily due to this book, I look at the sky differently. I also think of solar systems, galaxies, nebulae, and other astronomical systems in terms of plasma and electric circuits.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk & SOTT

Laura is an author of many books, but I’ve only read one: The Secret History of the World. This book re-opened my eyes to history, particularly for history being much different than what we were taught in public school. It showed me how much they don’t teach, especially about the myth of the Grail, the Bible stories and their origin. I loved all the information about ancient history and especially the esoteric idea of ascension. This book contains so much information, I’m getting a headache just thinking about explaining it all. I remember reading about Nicolas Flamel and realizing that JK Rowling did not make him up for the first Harry Potter book.

The author’s personal website is , but she is more active on the Cassiopaea forum. My username there is 100c, a reference to the boiling temperature of water at 1 atmosphere. I don’t post there much, but I like to check it out every once in a while. There are a lot of great people on that forum who actively discuss a diverse array of topics.

Laura is also a principal founder/contributor of a website, I don’t want to even try and explain what Signs Of The Times (SOTT) is all about. You can go there yourself and see, but it’s a good source of information about current events. They also have interesting, regular compilations of severe weather activity that I always enjoy watching. Although you can waste a lot of time on news-type websites, SOTT does offer a healthier option, and I do recommend Laura’s book.

Simon Shack and Clues Forum

The cluesforum is the wild west of alternative ideas or conspiracy theory if you insist. I don’t recommend going there without your gun. There you’ll encounter genuine researchers, trolls, and high-level agent provocateurs. Here’s another analogy I like. A math novice tries to join an argument with high-level mathematicians because something they said doesn’t sound right. I’m not saying that conspiracy theories are difficult to understand, but they require a lot of background information, and the average human has been conditioned to instantly dismiss most of them without giving any consideration. I try not to dismiss an idea unless I understand it and especially if someone is taking the time to explain it to me.

I had to search the forum to get the year I first began reading from and contributing to it. My first post was on April 30th, 2017, 2:49 pm and I began my introduction post with, “I found cluesforum by listening to this podcast by a couple of your members, on the Clues Chronicle. I’ve been listening to their podcast for a while now and love it, having listened to many episodes multiple times.” If anyone’s interested, my username there is Molodyets. On the forum, I’ve gotten into some arguments and been humbled by other members there, but I made some enlightening realizations such as healthy skepticism of humanity’s alleged space programs.

One of the principal contributors, Simon Shack, wrote a book about his geometric theory of our solar system he calls a Geoaxial Binary System, online version here. I purchased the book when he first published it, but so far I’ve only skimmed through it. He claims to have re-analyzed much of the astronomical observational data of the solar system. After his years of research, he concluded that the solar system is actually a binary system very similar to what the famous astronomer, Tycho Brahe, proposed. On his website, you can find some excellent material about the model. Even if you disagree with his conclusions, I recommend spending some time there.

Just thinking about what he and the ancient astronomers have claimed to have done boggles my mind. They took their observations from an object, the Earth, which is traveling and rotating. And they were recording their observations about other objects that were traveling and rotating. This is partly the reason why I haven’t jumped into the book yet. I really want to understand but know it will require time and severe concentration. If the claims are true, then the physics aspects of the solar system will need a total overhaul. What I continually learn from all of these people, is that the world is more interesting and mysterious than I was taught.

Mark Hanley — Stefan Lanka — German New Medicine

I met Mark Hanley in my Red Pill discussion group (previous section). He wrote a book, A Critical Look at Healthcare. From him, I learned about a new movement, German New Medicine (GNM). You can learn all about it from his website or the GNM website, or you can buy his book. As a brief overview, this new way of thought is based on the premise that whatever is happening to our body is by design. So when we have symptoms of discomfort, our bodies are doing that for a reason. And when healthcare practitioners (witch doctors) attempt to interfere, they often do more harm than good.

Before learning about GNM, I had already come across the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka. For me, he was the first to introduce the idea of the virus hoax. At the above link, Lanka shows evidence that what we think of as viruses are often just cell fragments from the process of lab prep work. Most of the virus imagery we have seen on the web are artist renditions. In college I’ve seen first hand what is required to do SEM analysis and know that any DNA/RNA fragments would be destroyed by the process, so there’s no way to visualize viruses in their true form, in cells.

The Fakeologist & John le Bon

The Fakeopedia, compiled by members from

During one of my Red Pill gatherings, we were at the Flying Pie pizzeria in Portland Oregon. One of my friends there, Mark Hanley, showed me an app on his phone, which showed the history of atomic bomb testing around the world. The app showed a map of the world with a dot representing each atomic bomb test, played in chronological order. While watching this, it became apparent how many bombs have been tested and I wondered about their collective nuclear radiation footprint. The whole nuclear bomb story seemed highly suspicious to me, so I went home and found several videos and podcasts, which showed clear evidence that nuclear bombs are just another fantasy story created by the SIN (Super Insidious Network) to frighten the public.

One of these podcasts was an interview with this guy who called himself the Fakeologist, AKA Ab. In the podcast, he was talking to the one, Jesse Waugh, who supposedly was the first to propose the nuclear bomb hoax. Ab, as I discovered later, runs, devoted to the study of fake media stories. As an aside, this topic of Fake News is neither left nor right politics, and predated the stain on its name by US President Donald Trump.

This was the first time I had seriously considered the idea that much of what we saw on the news was completely artificial. Previously, I assumed it was mostly true but spun in opposite directions. For example, I had previously thought of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a false-flag operation, real but blamed on the wrong perpetrators. After diving into all of the material from, I began to see how the whole 9/11 events did not happen anything like what was shown on the news. Most of it was completely faked, a made for television movie where undercover members of the elite 0.0001% fabricated eye witness testimony and the MSM produced CGI footage for the MSM to play as real.

An adorable comic with a character of the same name supposedly by accident. Follow Link to Source.

For over a year, I listened religiously to nearly every recorded conversation with the Fakeologist and others who participated in their AudioChats. One of the regular participants always grabbed my attention, John le Bon. He calls himself the world’s greatest skeptic. What I loved about his approach to research was how he attempted to trace the source evidence. Much of what we’re given in public school are the assumptions of historians and the conjecture of others based on those assumptions. I credit John le Bon for helping me to analyze many of my base beliefs more critically.

For example, I remember him claiming that much of Egyptology can be traced to just a few sources, much less than is commonly assumed and a lot of it based on flimsy assumptions. I have not personally attempted to do the same thing, because I’ve been busy writing. But now I’m very curious about where we get information about history, and I primarily search for source evidence of historical conclusions.

After studying many cases of historical forgery, especially when Mark Hoffman swindled the Mormon church and their prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, I am very skeptical about the validity of historical evidence. The people who have the most to gain from the tampering of historical evidence are the SIN. If they can get us to believe in a false history, they can control us much easier. And they have the resources to create nearly any plausible forgery.

Miles Mathis

Miles W. Mathis is an artist and researcher who publishes articles about science and society, which usually includes history and what I would say is speculative genealogy. When I first found his papers, I devoured most of them, but now I check his website for updates only once a week or so. I won’t read everything anymore.

I found one of Miles’ papers by accident. In it, he compared our journey to find the real world to climbing a mountain. The higher you go, the less people there are, and the people you do meet, the more of them you can’t trust. I’ve learned so much from his papers, both indirectly and directly. Because of him, I always look at pictures with extreme criticism and often wonder if they’ve been manipulated. I also think of celebrities in a totally different light, see my Beware of Celebrity article on the Anxiety Publishing website.

The picture above is a screenshot from his paper which had the most influence on me, the paper about the Tate murders and Charles Manson. To see the picture more clearly, open in a new tab. In the picture, supposedly of the crime scene more than ten hours later, Miles clearly shows and explains that Sharon Tate was not dead and the photo was staged. Miles then convinced me that Charles Manson, the frightening cult leader, was just an actor and probably never spent a day in jail. This whole idea was mind boggling, to say the least, but after more study and reflection, it now makes sense, and the SIN (Super Insidious Network) can easily fool the public with stories like this.

There’s a lot of speculation about Miles’ real identity. He claims to be just a normal citizen who can see through all the BS, not connected to the intelligence community or any other group. Some, myself included, think he’s a group of people, a committee from the intelligence community. For more evidence of that, see the article by Allan C. Weisbecker. Miles’ website is a limited hangout where truth is mixed with lies and told in such a way that the regular person will reject it. They do this by a common tactic, to blame everything on the Jews. That is an instant turnoff to everyone who’s watched any WWII movie (everyone). He also turns people off, or me at least, by his genealogical speculation. IMO, he often makes flimsy connections based on flimsy connections, but I like his historical and photographic analysis.

Quantum of Conscience

Quantum of Conscience is the name of a youtube channel run by a man named Matt. He’s about my age and he always starts his videos by saying, “Hey Guys. It’s Matt.” I’ve been listening to this guy since the beginning of the year (2021) and it’s September now. He makes videos every few days, usually 30 to 60 minutes in length. I like to listen to them while driving. I appreciate that Matt is not afraid to show his face, evidence that he’s a real person and not some shill working for the system.

He usually just talks, sometimes using visual aides. Like many others on YouTube, he talks about major events, but he has a unique and healthy way of viewing them. He spend most of his time explaining how the universe, the world, or whoever’s running things, wants our energy and time. According to Matt, no one is in charge, not the SIN as I like to call them, but what he calls, The Reality. To Matt, the Reality is like some sort of entity and wants to maximize stress on human society and keep people distracted from their true selves. It wants us wasting our time on every distraction by watching it, talking/arguing about it, investigating it.

The people in influential positions are just minions of the system, servants of a system designed to reward those who do its bidding. These people align themselves like a radio to a frequency and become robotic as though on some kind of download. Not only will leaders and celebrities align with this frequency but also the average person. For example, most people will defend the system automatically. Matt explained one sign of this, which I’ve always noticed. People on the download will never give an inch. Even if someone makes an obviously valid point, they will reject it somehow, or change the subject. They cannot and will not acknowledge anything appearing to contradict the system. This happens to me often.

The Reality intentionally makes obvious problems and inconsistencies with its stories, so a certain demographic can see them. He calls these inconsistencies Pissed on Breadcrumbs. He was the first person to suggest to me that the reality wants a certain percentage of the population believing alternative theories, because they need a scapegoat and it maximizes stress by causing more division. Matt especially chides the truther community for falling into the same traps that the general public does, because much of the alternative media is also working for the same system of distraction.
Below is one of my favorite videos of his. It’s embedded below, but if it’s ever taken down, you can probably be able to find it on It’s called “Reality Half Page – Turned into Five Pages”. As a final warning, Matt uses a lot of what he calls Hobo code to prevent the system from banning his videos. My favorite one is “7/11 was a part-time job”.

Incredible Architecture

I used to listen to this Youtube channel named Crrow777. I’m still subscribed, but I rarely watch any of his videos anymore, for reasons I don’t want to waste time explaining. When his channel began, he would show his telescope footage of the moon. He deserves a note here, because when he showed asteroids flying between the moon and his telescope for the first time, I was shocked. I must have watched that video a dozen times. At first I didn’t understand why it fascinated me so much. But after reflection, I think our subconscious minds notice what’s real and what’s not. For my whole life, I’ve seen allegedly real videos of men in space, but most of that seems to be doctored somehow. The video of the asteroids seemed intensely real to me.

Anyway, about a year ago, Crrow777 interviewed this man named Howdie Mickoski about his new book on the world fairs (image top left). In the episode, he showed many images of the world fairs and the ridiculous claims that the buildings were built in a short amount of time, and just to be destroyed after the fairs. I had always heard about the world fairs but never thought twice about them. One of my wife’s favorite movies was even about one, Meet me in St. Louis with Judy Garland. So I bought the book and began my journey into the study of the history of architecture. After spending a copious amount of time studying the subject, I now see why it’s so important. History is a difficult subject, mainly because most of the evidence for history decays and is lost. But architecture is not so easily destroyed or lost. So, to study history, one must consider architecture. Any group trying to cover up history must either destroy that evidence of the past, or change the narrative (story).

There are many people talking about this subject on Youtube and elsewhere, but I latched onto one Youtube channel in particular, a man named Jon Levi. He just released a video of a small city in Canada with architecture too amazing to fit the pathetic official narrative in Wikipedia. The town is named Guelph and the video is embedded below. If you watch any of his videos, I would suggest to start with this one. And when you watch it, try to think about the official claims and if they could have happened as told. Then ask yourself, “Why would they make the story (narrative) so ridiculous?”

In this video, Jon nicely summarized his process when he said, “I use Wiki not to research our true history but to mock it.”


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