Distracting Movie Ingredients

Here are some common movie scenes I’ve noticed over the past few years. These scenes make movies seem like different cakes made from the same ingredients but with different colored frosting and toppings. Are we eating mostly sugar? Doesn’t seem very healthy. After reading this short post, you may not watch a movie the same again, so be warned.

  1. A character will wash their face in a sink and then stare into the mirror. Although, I always notice this, I had a difficult time finding a picture to show, so I include a stock photo. I understand that this scene may just be a filler, but it may be some secret message from a director, producer, or writer.
  2. Someone will make a promise to someone else. This will usually be something like:
    1. “I promise we’ll make it out alive!”
    2. “I won’t let that happen to you. I promise!”
      1. This always bugs me. These phrases remind me of the “never say never” concept, which may be the purpose, to put us on edge. Maybe if this did not happen so often, it would not annoy me as much.
  3. In most action movies, there will be a car chase. This one is not surprising, but probably should be. I think this shows the laziness of the major movie studios. I don’t know what the purpose of these are. They bore me usually. Lately while watching these scenes, I began wondering where they’re filming all this destruction? I’ve never seen a street blocked off for these. Are there empty cities devoted to movie production? We’re often shown empty cities in China. Maybe these are used for the movies.
  4. From the Disney movie, “Peet’s Dragon”

    In nearly every Disney movie, there will be a bar scene, which will usually include a fight. I always think this is strange since this includes movies for kids.

  5. If the movie has a secret agenda, it will use the following numbers in a prominent way. They may be an address, a phone number, an apartment number, a bus number (picture). This is also common in major news events, and makes me wonder if they’re just movies too.
    1. 6, 18, 27, 33, 42, 66

The bus from the movie “Speed”

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