The Blendering of Aries

Since I share the same astrological sign with my daughter, she suggested that I use its symbol in the header of my website, which I include sometimes. I am not a particular believer in astrological connections to personality, but I have several good friends who have introduced other aspects of astrology to me. As with most things in my life, astrology isn’t what I was taught. It has fascinating roots in ancient history, and IMO the network (SIN) doesn’t want people to discover the realities behind it.

At first, I created a 2D version of the Aries symbol in Inkscape and tried to use shading to create a 3D look, but that failed due to my lack of artistic talents. As mentioned in a previous article, I’ve been learning a program called Blender used to create videos and 3D images. I figured that with a 3D image, the shading would be accurate and I think it worked. Through a process called sculpting, I took a sphere and molded it into a version of the Aries symbol. This took me more than several hours of trial and error, mostly error!

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  1. Diane Knedgen

    You pulled it off.

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