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Balderdash (stupid or illogical talk; senseless rubbish) is one of my favorite words and is being used for my website posts, which may be fitting for people who dislike them. One of my favorite games is also called Balderdash, where you fabricate definitions to real but very obscure and unfamiliar words. The goal is to trick the other players into thinking your definition is the real one.

  • My Journey
    Some of the major influences in my life and how they’ve helped wake me up to the real world.

  • My life lessons
    The major lessons I’ve learned in this life. I will update this for any new items.

  • Distracting Movie Ingredients
    Some common movie scenes I’ve noticed over the past few years, the ones that catch my attention and usually annoy me.

  • Crystal Lens
    A short story about the underworld and its impact on some hikers.

  • My Bonversation
    One of the celebrities of the conspiracy/truther world goes by the name of John le Bon. He wanted to have me as a guest on his podcast.

  • My Jury Duty
    In June of 2021, I was called to jury duty. This crazy and incredible experience left me dumbfounded by our justice system.

Not much to see here, except this…
  • Northwest Sketch News
    Many years ago, I started a comedy group called Northwest Sketch. This was our first and only script.

  1. I love the acronym SIN- well played

  2. Excellent! At my work, we’re supposed to base our actions and decisions on evidence and logic. But in the human…

  3. Trusting authority more than ourselves, this is such a mind fuck. It has been the most difficult, but freeing thing…


  • Updating website
  • preparing short stories


  • 2021, July 30: published
  • 2021, August 21: Silent Subversion 3 is finally published
  • 2021, October 17: the short story, Crystal Lens is published
  • 2021, November 6: Part 1 of my podcast with John le Bon is published on my site as a video.

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