Welcome to my author outpost! You can call me Hyrum, but some call me Rum. Although I play several roles, father–engineer–writer, I don’t identify as anything. Identities are dangerous traps, artificial self-defense mechanisms.

But why am I presenting this site to you? This temple in the clouds is my sacred space, devoted to my interests and inspiration, my short stories, novels, videos, and future publications.

Stories are virtual experiences that can transform our lives and have the same potency as personal experience. Accurate virtual experiences help us understand the real world, an amazing and beautiful place!

Feel free to contact me, comment on the content, or find me on the social media links. If you need some good literary, visual, or auditory stimulation, here are my recommendations. See My Journey for how I see our world. Or subscribe to my newsletter!

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Website Update Log

2023-08-26 added some AI artwork to the end of my short story, WAKE UP KANE

2023-09-10 created a page of funny quotes from one of my daughters

2023-09-28 created a photography page, things I see and capture.

2023-11-23 Closed Anxietypub.com and shooting visitors to it’s new location: hyrumjones.com/anxietypub

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